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Album : The 18th Rollercoaster   (  )




Tamy, real name Thamsanqa Moyo is an 18 year old Afro Pop Fusion singer and song writer.The talented singer announced her arrival on the music scene in 2016 with a refreshing debut six track album titled The 18th Rollercoster. Tamy, also a talented left handed guitarist is riding high with the song, Ndibereke off her album. The song has become vastly appreciated across Zimbabwe and in the diaspora where it is getting good rotation on various radio stations and also competing in the top 10 of some of the radio charts.Her first single Sango, a 2015 production launched her as a rare find and a breath of new air as she demonstrated depth in her song writing and uniqueness in her musicality and overall appreciation of her gift. She turned 18 in 2016 and celebrated that mile stone by launching her debut album which has been highly rated by music critics and fans.


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    MD Riley ZW

    good music tamy

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    Love it!

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