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Artist: denny pealz



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    • By Danny Pealz 5  Song(s)
    • Added 9 months ago
    • HIS BIRTH -Daniel .A. Phiri, who perfoms under the name Denny Pealz was born on the 11 th of December 1994 in Mbizo Kwekwe, Zimbabwe. HIS NAME -the name Denny Pealz was derived from his name Peal meaning a loud sound or a succession of loud sounds, as of bells, thunder, shouts or laughter of a multitude. EARLY LIFE AND EDUCATION- he was the first to be born in a family of 2 siblings. He had an accident in 2003 leading him to fail doing any sporting activity. He started singing at primary level and became one promising future artist. He did not stop until he opened his own studio (Quality Sounds Entertainment). He attended Emthojen primary school and his high school at Manunure high school, Mbizo in Kwekwe. He also a holder of a National Certificate in Fabrication as a boiler maker achieved at Kwekwe Polytechnic College. NOW-He later relocated from Kwekwe to Harare where he now lives with his uncle in Borrowdale.

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