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Artist: diego tryno



  • Album1
    • By Diego Chikombeka 13  Song(s)
    • Added 4 months ago
    • Diego Tryno is the alias used by Diego Tinotenda Chikombeka ; a rising,energetic artist from Harare,Zimbabwe First appearing with Go Diego go the hit song and later on Lazarus the album,with T Gonz as a sole endorser ,Diego began blurring the lines of style and genre as he crafted his unique blend of pop,rnb,sungura,gospel,traditional music and Hiphop on his latest singles in collaboration with local and international acts. The evolving expressions of a youth weaving together tales of instability,life situations ,spirituality and carnal woes has garnered him an eclectic international following and several years of recording and performing has culminated in Diego exploring the visual elements of his work through film and live performance while continuing to expand the sonic range of his artistry .

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